Enjoy art and nature to your heart’s content.

SMITH OASIS is a guesthouse full of greenery and waterfalls, the perfect place to rest after a long day.
Your mind and body will be healed by nature and this amazing space where contemporary and classic design are in perfect harmony.
Some of the unique furnishings you will find are reused items that were found in the former building designed by a renowned architect, Junzo Sakakura.

Working towards a sustainable society through reuse and restoration.

Many invaluable items found in the former building are now located in different parts of SMITH OASIS. You will also find cherished family heirlooms passed down from the owner’s grandparents. These were safely preserved and remade for SMITH OASIS, breathing new life into old pieces.

A true oasis that offers an exciting escape from the city.

Lush greenery and ponds were added intentionally to help reduce the urban heat island effect. We are conscious of our contribution towards Green Transformation and implement eco-friendly practices. Escape from the bustling city into a tranquil place where you can truly relax.

A special selection of natural materials are used to ensure a comfortable stay.

To ensure a comfortable stay for our guests, all apartments use carefully selected natural materials such as diatomaceous earth and pure Japanese cedar, which are both effective for regulating humidity levels.

Completely surrounded by art.

The interior of the building is adorned with a diverse collection of artefacts and artwork, including cherished family heirlooms passed down through generations and treasures that were collected through the owner’s travels around the globe.


オーナー 時政アリス Owner Alice Tokimasa

SMITH OASIS Guest House was built in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and the Ukraine conflict, which caused material shortages and skyrocketing prices around the world. The building was finally completed, due to the hard work and dedication of a great number of people. The success of the building would not have been possible without everyone’s contribution.

My wish is for guests to be able to forget the busy, fast-paced life of the city and feel a deep sense of tranquility here. Every aspect of the building has been carefully and thoughtfully selected, embodied with many unique tastes of my own.

Abundant greenery, beautiful waterfalls and charming apartments, each filled with its own special touch of art and decorative furnishings warmly await you at SMITH OASIS.